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WPPOOL Christmas Offer! Give yourself an early Christmas gift in 2020-21

From the WPPOOL family, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas! It is that time of the year, where we are going to announce the WPPOOL Christmas offer! Every year, the 25th of December is celebrated around the world as Christmas. People get together and celebrate this festival with their friends and families. However, this year, the scenario is different. Because of Covid-19, people are advised to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings. But that shouldn't stop us from shopping for...

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Wondering What’s new in WordPress Version 5.6 “Simone”?

If you are a WordPress enthusiast then you must be wondering what's new features are there in the new WordPress version 5.6. Well, today we are going to address just that. WordPress is one of the largest CMS in the world. Almost 38% of the web is controlled by it. Why the users trust WordPress so much? Well, because it is constantly evolving and updating itself. Thus the new version is released every year with new features, tweaks, and improvements...

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WP Markdown Editor Review – Why it is the Best Markdown Editor 2020-21

Today we are going to conduct WP Markdown Editor review! A Markdown plugin helps a writer tremendously. Because it helps the writer to focus on their writing and deliver great results. Because, when they are writing in the normal WordPress editor, there is too much distraction and the writers have to worry about managing the block editors as well. And sometimes it becomes frustrating. To relieve them from this frustration, the Markdown editor is a great help. And WP Markdown...

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Introducing WP Markdown Editor, writer’s dream tool 2020!

Here is the tool the writer's of the WordPress industry has been waiting for, WP Markdown Editor! Writing is an art. And when you are creating art you need to give your full attention. Otherwise, it won't be fruitful. Although, WordPress is meant for blogging and writing. But sometimes, with all its advanced features, it gets too messy sometimes. That is why a plugin like WP Markdown Editor can help in a big way. So, today we are going to...

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Flash sale on WP Dark Mode! Biggest sale of the year 2020

Are you sad that you missed out on the chance of grabbing one of the coolest plugins WP Dark Mode in the recent Black Friday Deal? Well, we have got good news. We are coming with an amazing Flash sale on WP Dark Mode! Yes, you heard that right. We want our customers to get the best deal possible in acquiring the plugin that will help them to add a dark feature to their websites. So, we thought why not...

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WP Dark Mode Black Friday offer, Sale is ON! Save up to 75%

Halloween is over! Well, don't worry. We are back with yet another big surprise for you. Yes, we are talking about the WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer. November is a festive month for tech enthusiasts. And also for people who missed out on the celebrations of Halloween. They eagerly wait for the coolest celebration of the year, "Black Friday Sale!". And the WordPress community get's busy with their impressive offers in this time as well. Plugins, Themes, Hosting, Security,...

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The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins compared 2020

Dark mode has been in the trend lately. Many websites including the big ones are taking initiative to introduce the dark mode feature for their users. So, why WordPress should stay behind. That is why we came up with a list of the best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins for you. However, it wasn't easy. Because there are not many notable dark plugins available in the WordPress repository. So, after many hours of researching, we found the best 4 dark mode...

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The Dark Mode trend of the modern web 2020, how you can be benefitted from it!

From the beginning of 2019, we have seen the start of the Dark Mode trend on most of the websites. Google first introduced it on many of its apps, from Chrome to YouTube. And we can see the craze for the dark mode that is continuing in 2020 as well. "We’ve been using the light mode for years?! Surely it doesn’t matter?” In hindsight, it may seem that it doesn't affect much. However, a dark mode has its benefits and...

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Why you should use Dark Mode to reduce bounce rates & increase conversion rate

One of the most features the users are looking for it's the use of Dark Mode. Be it an android application or a website, users want these features. That is why all the big websites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit have brought the dark mode feature for their users. The interesting fact it is not only the user but also the owners of these companies are getting benefitted from this. Because they are using the dark mode to reduce bounce rates...

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Introducing Affiliate Program for WPPool

If you are a writer on the web then the term Affiliate Marketing should be familiar to you. Basically, Affiliate Marketing means earning money as a commission by promoting others' products or services through your channel. We have an affiliate program for WPPool as well. But we will get to that later. Thousands of people search this term online regularly in order to make money. You will find thousands of articles on it. However, you will not find a real...

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