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How to create a meeting on Jitsi Meet Pro

Table of Contents

Go to your dashboard and click on the menu item ‘Jitsi Meet Pro’> ‘API Settings’ after setup setting  then hit on the ‘Admin Settings’ after completing this one then hit on the rest of options like ‘Configurations’,  ‘Video Settings’, ’Audio Settings’

Then go to ‘Meetings’> ‘Add New’ simply add the title and then they can check the below settings and from there they will fix the desired settings and click “Publish” to save the meetings. Like

  • Meeting Host > This option is used to set the host (actually who is creating this meeting) of that meeting.
  • Recurring meeting? > We can set the recurring meetings schedule. 
  • Start Date/ Time > Set meeting Date and Time. 
  • End Date/Time > End of the meeting time
  • Duration (hr) > Set the duration of the meeting. 
  • Password > we can set the password to join the meeting. 
  • Should Register > We can set must register user to join the meeting. 
  • Width > Set meeting video Width. 
  • Height > Set meeting video Height. 
  • Welcome Page > We can show the welcome page. 
  • Start Audio Only > we can set only for Audio. 
  • Start Audio Muted > We can set the mute option for particular users. 
  • Yourself Muted > Start with yourself mute options. 
  • Start Silent > We can set disable local audio output.
  • Video Resolution > We can set the video resolution. 
  • Max Full Resolution > Set the Number of participants with default resolution.
  • Start Video Muted > Start call with video muted
  • Video Muted After > Every participant after nth will start video muted
  • Start Screen Sharing > We can set star screen sharing options. 
  • Enable LIvesteam > We can turn on live steam. 
  • Enable Recording > we can enable video recording. 
  • Enable Transcription > Transcript the meeting
  • Simulcast > Enable/Disable simulcast

After completing the settings go to ‘Publish’ the post. Then copy the meeting address (URL) and ‘view meeting’ page and also share your meeting URL to join anyone. So just join with a meeting by only your name. Also, the shortcode can be used on any page/post to use this meeting.

Video Tutorial #