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Advanced customizations: Javascript triggers, dynamic tag for testimonial recorder, HTML attribute for recorder button

HTML attribute for recorder button: #

Put the data-evr-button HTML attribute inside your element to open the recorder on click. You can simply attach a tag inside the attribute as an attribute value for categorizing testimonials.

Example: <a href=”#” data-evr-button=”services”>Review us</a>. 

On clicking the Review us button will launch a recorder that will save the video testimonial with the tag services.


Attribute nameDefault ValueAvailable Values
bgblueAny hex color code or browser-known color names as button background-color
colorwhiteAny hex color code or browser-known color names as button text color
size20Any numeric value between 8 to 72 
aligncenterleft, center, right
taggeneralNOTE: Any valid string. By default, the tag is general, which means all the videos are recorded through this button will contain this tag. 

Put [data-evr-videos] to display videos in your HTML elements.


Attribute nameDefault ValueAvailable Values
limitindigoAny Numeric Value
taggeneralleft, center, right
idNULLValid numeric video ID. Providing valid video ID w


<div class=”grid grid-cols-4” data-evr-videos=’{“tag”: “general”, “limit”: 10}’></div>

You can categorize videos by using tags for different purposes. Such as you can collect videos with the tag ‘services’. Tag separates the video topic-wise on your demand.


Recording video is the only service-related

[evr-button tag=”our-services”] Review on our Services [/evr-button]

And then somewhere in your website showcase the videos only service-related

Example: [evr-videos tag=”our-services”][/evr-videos]

You can use any string as a tag. But make sure you are using relevant topics so that they can be categorized easily. 

Dynamic tag for testimonial recorder: #

We use the same technique to categorize your video. You can also use dynamic tag to create a pro recorder. 

Example: For WooCommerce products, the tag is product-{PRODUCT_ID}.

So the videos related to the specific product ID will be shown here.

Javascript triggers:  #

You can trigger the video by using JavaScript. Use the method below to trigger:“TAG HERE”)

The tag is optional. By default the tag is general.